Makeover Secondary Story

October 2019 Makeover

After Suzanne Bully’s 2009 open heart surgery, she began noticing changes within her body that ultimately led to alopecia due to lowered immunity. Her profession as a veterinary technician and her passion for performing stand-up comedy casts her in the public eye. Her love for adorning her fashion with wigs began under the guise of Julie Patrouille of Step-a-Head Styling. Julie is incredibly helpful in choosing colors and styles that are comfortable for her clients. Julie also teaches how to care for and style your wig. She carefully chose the three wigs shown because how these styles changed Suzanne’s look. The lace front of the wig gave Suzanne a natural look by allowing her to bring the hair off her face.

Daune DeVries, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, gave Suzanne a fresh face with the new TimeWise 3D™ foundation which embraced Suzanne’s authentic shade with a true-to-you, age-defying formula and Mary Kay Chromafusion™ pigment-rich color cosmetics that highlighted her hazel eyes.

A women’s greatest attribute is her personality and Suzanne’s just happens to include hair! She is now able to flaunt like the luminary she is! Suzanne recognizes that accessorizing your inherent beauty brings self-awareness and confidence and allows you to be who you truly are inside!


Makeover provided by

Julie Patrouille, owner

Step A-Head Styling

12 S. Madison Street

Waupun, Wisconsin


Skin Care and Color Cosmetics provided by

Daune (Dawn) DeVries

Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


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