Secondary Story

May Book of the Month

A Match for Melissa

By: Susan Karsten

348 pages, 2017


In this inspirational, historical romance written by Waupun author Susan Karsten, the reader is introduced to Melissa, a young woman amid a visit to the country vicarage of her former governess.  While on her daily walk, she stumbles across a young man in the ditch who has been attacked and left for dead.  Melissa nurses him back to health and quickly develops a liking to the man, who turns out to be Lord Russell, the head of a prominent local family.  All too soon, Lord Russell returns to his Manor and Melissa is called back home by her father and his plot to arrange a marriage between Melissa and another man, Lord Winstead.  The romance continues with Melissa’s struggle choosing between the two men.  Will she follow her heart, or her father’s wishes?  Susan’s next book, A Refuge for Rosanna, will be released later this year, followed by, An Escape for Ellie, in 2019.  A novella, Charlotte’s Dilemma, has also been contracted for publication and will be part of a collection released within a year. Susan has turned to a new genre, cozy mysteries.  Watch for those titles as well.

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