Makeover Secondary Story

May 2017 Makeover

Emily Brue, the winning daughter of the Mother Daughter Look-A-Like contest, was excited for her makeover and photo shoot. Stylist Kayla Keene cut her long hair in layers and then highlighted and balayged her hair to give her a free-hand highlight effect. A flat iron was used to finish her hair and give it a smooth, shiny look. Kenra Firm Hold hair spray was then applied.

For Emily’s makeup, Kayla want­ed something natural, so she used the Young Blood make up line. First, ELF moisturizer and primer was applied, followed by Young Blood powder in ivory. On Emily’s eyes, Kayla used black mascara and Sephora eye shad­ow. A nude peach lip gloss gave her the finishing touch!

Jessica Saunders, the winning mother of the Mother Daughter Look-A-Like contest, also had her hair cut in long layers. Balayage white, toned with RUSK beige gave her the high­lights needed. Hot Spray was used for curl, and Moroccan oil was applied to her hair followed by a blowout style.

ELF moisturizer and primer was applied to her face. Young Blood Barley Beige foundation was used, and Plum blush and Starry highlighter were added to her cheeks. Sephora Rock eye shadow, black eyeliner, and black mascara were applied to her eyes. Like Emily, her look was finished by nude peach lipstick. Both mother and daugh­ter were ready for their photo shoot!

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