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March Book of the Month

Arc of a Scythe

by Neal Schusterman

Reviewed by Peggy K Potter Librarian, retired

Arc of a Scythe consists of three books; Scythe, Thunderhead, and Toll. Twilight and Divergent fans finally have another series to fall in love with. Like the other best selling books written for young adults in mind a reader cannot read just one. Arc of a Scythe must be read in order and no one can read just one. National Book Award winner Schusterman has crafted “can’t stop reading” books that asked the hard questions of our near future.

What happens when our technology has cured all disease? When there is no old age because there are medical ways to turn back time and make people 300 years old look and feel 30? When we can be put back together no matter how much damage is done to our bodies? When we live in a world with no war, no hunger, no crime and therefore no politicians or religious leaders to tell us how to live. Will we be mentally strong enough to live productive, happy lives when everyone is comfortable? Full of philosophical questions about life, death and meaning, a series for all ages sixteen to ninety-nine.

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