Makeover Secondary Story

June 2016 Makeover

Jeannine is one of those clients who always wants to try something new at every appointment. She is a stylist’s dream to have in the chair. This particular appointment, she was looking to keep the length yet make it fun and sassy. She has thick natural curly hair, so I like to use that to our advantage. Ashley VandeKolk added layers and texturized to give some volume and edginess. She used a volumizing mousse prior to blow drying with a large round brush and then used a dry spray wax to give it that piecey look. For her base color, dark chocolate was used. Her hair was also foiled a red mahogany around her face for a fun pop of color.

A natural-looking make up was used. Starting with a tinted moisturizer to help hydrate her skin yet still allow it to breathe. For her eyes, a cream primer was used to prevent the color from fad¬ing and keep it in place all day. She has a warm skin tone, so a brown/copper color palette was used and also brown powder as eyeliner for a softer look. Her brows were filled in, which helped frame her eyes. A light pink, almost nude, lip color was applied to her lips. Bronzer and blush helped finish the soft natural look.

Trends Salon
204 Parallel Street – Beaver Dam (920) 885-4472
Makeup: Kelly Soldner
Hair: Ashley VandeKolk

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