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InSpire Magazine Sister Makeover

Nicole Dykstra and Ashley Tucker are sisters and were in need of makeovers. Ashley lives in Waupun, is unemployed and needs a confidence boost to help her with her job search. Her sister, Nicole, lives in Fall River, a student and stay at home mother of four wanted to be pampered due to her stressful life.

Because Nicole wanted to keep the length of her hair, Katie Neuberger, stylist at KALJM Salon and Spa, cut the back of her hair about three inches and left the length on the sides. The back was stacked and layers were added towards her face to add movement. Maraes coloring nourishing olium was used to add shine and moisture in dark chocolate raspberry. It also warmed up her hair color and softened her skin tone. A few blonde peek-a-boo highlights were added to give a rich look to her hair and some contrast. A round brush was used to create volume and a flat iron was used to smooth the ends, add shine and softness.

Beechwood moisture and tint was used as foundation and Amazonia bronzer was applied to brighten her skin tone. Katie waxed her eyebrows to make her eyes stand out. Spark eye shadow was used on her eyes; mascara was applied and finished with peony lip tint.

Ashley wanted something that would be easy when getting ready in the morning. Karen Burwitz, stylist, decided to color her hair in an intense red and added some blonde highlights to her bangs. This was something new since Ashley has never colored her hair. A round brush was then used to give her a smooth, full look and then a flat iron was used to smooth her ends.

Phomollent was used for volume and bamboo hairspray gave Ashley the finishing touch.

Golden jasper was used on her eye lids, brown mascara and eyeliner was used to bring out her eyes. Tinted moisture beachwood was used as foundation and gloss was applied to her lips. A soft look was given to Ashley to balance her bold new hair color.

Both Nicole and Ashley needed a fresh new look and haircuts that could still be easily maintained. They look fabulous!

Hair & Make up provided by:
Katie Neuberger & Karen Burwitz
KALJM Salon and Spa
1659 North Spring Street

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