Makeover Secondary Story

Fitness Challenge Participants Makeovers!

Bethany Castle’s (right) makeover began with trimming the length of her hair and adding some long layers for movement. Gabby then added sandy brown high¬lights throughout her hair and left some blonde for dimension.

Gabby Pagenkopf started Kate Raley’s (front) makeover with a shorter cut. Lots of blonde was added to the top and golden brown color was added underneath with pops of it throughout. A flat iron was used to smooth her hair. Smoothing fusion and Moroccan oil was also used along with Holo Hair Spray. Tyra Banks’ nude shadow was used on her eyes. Highlighting was applied above the cheeks and a little bit of blush was added. Tyra’s mascara was used on her eyes as the finishing touch. A more natural look was given to Kate because of her beautiful skin tone and cheeks.

Jessica Wheeler (left) wanted to keep the length of her hair, so Jill Fakes trimmed it and layers were added to the back. Blonde highlights were added and fun loopy curls finished the look. Tyra’s Smokey Eye and Cheeks on a Stick were used. A highlighter was used to ac¬centuate her cheek bones. Mascara was applied to her lashes and lip color was added to her lips. Jessica is now ready for her photo shoot!

Paula Miller (back) had her hair trimmed and layers were added. Jill Fakes ap¬plied some golden highlights to give her a sun-kissed look. GK Serum and GK Strong Hold Hair Spray was also used. Tyra’s Sand Dollar Signs Eyes on a Stick in a light green and eye highlight¬er was applied to accent her hazel eyes. Checks on a Stick and mascara gave Paula the finishing touch! Q

Make-up and Hair:
KALJM Salon and Spa
1659 North Spring Street
Beaver Dam(920) 885-4161

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