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February Book of the Month

Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness by Gretchen Rubin (2019)

By Sarah Cournoyer, Youth Services Librarian, Beaver Dam Community Library

From the bestselling author of The Happiness Project, comes this timely book. As we begin to think about our spring cleaning, Rubin reminds us that now is always the best time to begin imposing order and letting go of what no longer fits – in our homes or our lives. She offers nine promises that order brings. Never fear, Rubin doesn’t have a strict template for what constitutes clutter. She states that we should all “ face clutter in the way that’s right for us, “ meaning that “we’ve achieved the right level of order when we can find what we need, feel good in our space, and don’t feel hindered by stuff.”

In order to find our own way to outer order, Rubin outlines a path with five stages for us. The intention of this book is to empower the reader to be happier through creating a sense of personal order in one’s surroundings. I know that cleaning my desk or clearing off the front of the refrigerator which becomes a catchall for photos, coupons, reminders, and things to do makes me feel calm, centered, and ready to tackle the next thing I need to do.

This quick read provided tips to help build healthy habits in keeping a home, desk, or locker in a way that creates inner calm through a sense of order. I hope that you will find happiness in your day and your environment.

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