Makeover Secondary Story

February 2016 Makeover

Jo Sailer was looking for a new look in hair and makeup and that’s just what she got.

Gabby Pagenhoff, of KALJM Salon and Spa, started by cutting off 12 inches of her hair. She then gave her a body perm and used two different size rods for a soft natural look.

Aveda Curly Products, such as Curl Enhancer were used to define her curls. A diffuser was used to dry Jo’s hair to keep her curls looking full and healthy. Because of the diffuser, no curling iron was needed. Gabby finished with Be Curly Hairspray.

Tyra Bank’s “Cheeks On A Stick” was used on her cheeks to add to the di­mension of her cheek bones and to give her color. Tyra’s Smokey eye palette and a eye lighter were applied to her eyes and under her brows to highlight her face. Liner and mascara were also applied. “What A Girl” neutral lipstick was used as the finishing touch.

Jo’s makeover looks fabulous!

Make-up and Hair:
Gabby Pagenhoff
KALJM Salon and Spa
1659 North Spring Street
Beaver Dam

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