Book of the Month Secondary Story

August Book of the Month

by Michelle Obama
Reviewed by Peggy K. Potter, retired Library

It makes no difference what your political beliefs, this book, published in November of 2018 has been on the N.Y Times best seller list for 10 months. For a non-fiction memoir to be around that long it has to have something to say. It includes 3 main sections and an epilogue.

The first section, “Becoming Me” tells the story of a modern Black American girl growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Her father worked for the City of Chicago almost up until he died of multiple sclerosis. Her mother worked several places as a secretary. Both Michelle and her only brother were smart, very smart. Unlike many of the kids on the South Side and all over the country, Michelle has an extended family that not only recognised their children’s potential but knew what needed to be done for those children to succeed.

Section two, “Becoming Us” is the love story of how Michell met and fell in love with her husband from a very personal point of view. Section Three, “Becoming More” explains what it was like becoming the First Lady and the first Black First Lady of the United States. It began with how Laura Bush was so very kind and helpful, understanding how hard the transition from high powered career woman to the President’s wife could be. It ends near Michelle’s last day in the role looking back on eight years of both triumphs and failures. There are photographs that leave the reader wanting more.

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