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April Book of the Month

Diet for the Mind

The Latest Science on What to Eat to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline

By Dr. Martha Claire Morris

Diet! Diet! Who has got the best diet? How about the MIND Diet, cre­ated by Dr. Martha Claire Morris of the MIND Center for Brain Health at Rush University? MIND stands for Mediterra­nean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegen­erative Delay.

In 2015 Alzheimer’s disease affected more than five million adults in the United States, and was the sixth leading cause of death. While there is not cure, Dr. Morris contends prevention is not out of the picture. Let’s face it: we have succumbed to the media. Alzheimer’s has always been thought to be due to genetics. Dr. Morris has done research for the past two decades, and wants it to be known that the disease can be prevented or delayed through healthy lifestyle choices.

This includes our diet. In order to take control as we age, we need to focus on it when we are young and middle-aged.

You’re beyond middle-aged? Please remember that what with people living into their 80’s and 90’s and beyond, 60’s and 70’s IS middle-aged! What about the MIND diet? If it is true that our brain uses 20% of the calories we consume at rest to carry out its daily workings, then we owe it to ourselves to adopt a nutri­tious food plan, which provides our brain cells with the fuel to prevent cell damage, which can lead to cognitive decline.

We need to go easy on brainless foods, i.e. saturated fats, simple sugars, salt, and pathogenic compounds, and con­sume leafy greens daily, as well as whole grains and other vegetables, along with fish on a weekly basis.

Let’s fully experience our mature years, and be of sound mind to be able to enjoy our grandchildren, learn a new hobby, or take a class, among other ad­ventures.


Reviewed by Paula Torgeson
Director of the Fox Lake Public Library
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