Makeover Secondary Story

April 2014 Makeover

Lauren Soter Makeover

Krista Krohn, stylist

Mane Stage Hair & Nail Salon

405 S. Spring Street

Beaver Dam

920-356-1779 Ext. 3

Lauren enjoyed her makeover by Krista Krohn, stylist at Mane Stage Hair & Nail Salon. Lauren wasn’t looking for much of a change; however, Krista suggested caramel low lights. The subtle change made a great difference. Instantly, Lauren’s hair had more dimension. Krista added layers and texturized to give the hair more movement. Volumnizing mousse and texturizing powder play added fullness at the crown and smoothing oil during blow drying and straight ironing held any frizz down.

Lauren’s skin was cleansed and conditioned with Mary Kay skincare products for normal/dry skin which were provided by Daune (Dawn) DeVries. Ivory foundation evened out the complexion. Bronzing powder gave the skin a sun-kissed glow. Her blue eyes were highlighted with spun silk and hazelnut eye colors and lined with bronze eyeliner. Black mascara made her eyes pop. Lips were lined with soft blush liner and colored with True Dimensions Color Me Coral.

Sarah Hatch Makeover

Candy Riege, stylist/nail technician

Mane Stage Hair Salon

405 S. Spring Street

Beaver Dam

920-356-1779 Ext. 2

Sarah was treated to a makeover by Candy Riege, stylist at Mane Stage Hair & Nail Salon. Candy started by trimming five inches of length off Sarah’s hair and adding long layers. She lightened the color with a golden blonde and highlights of blonde and caramel. This really brightened Sarah’s complexion. Candy styled the hair by applying Moroccan Oil after towel drying and before blow drying. Sarah could chose to wear this style straight or with the curls. A 1-1/2 inch curling iron was used to achieve the look. ABBA Thermo spray will give the curls an all day hold. Sarah’s eyebrows were waxed and shaped that gave her almond shaped eyes more exposure.

Mary Kay skincare and makeup was provided by Daune (Dawn) DeVries, beauty consultant. Sarah started by using skincare formulated for combination/oily complexion. Consistent skincare makes the skin feel more smooth and supple. Mary Kay’s new CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 gave her lightweight coverage for a natural-looking complexion. Her brown eyes were highlighted with azure and browns, steely eyeliner and black Lash Love mascara. Cheeks glowed with sparkling cider and lips Pink Sateen lip gloss.

Lauri Retzlaff Makeover

Alina Schmidt, stylist

Mane Stage Hair & Nail Salon

405 S. Spring Street

Beaver Dam


Alina Schmit started Lauri’s makeover by brightening up her existing color. She added all over bright blonde highlights. Alina gave the hair a needed trim to add more volume. It would also make it easier to manage. Paul Mitchell Thicken Up was added during styling to give more volume and a little hairspray will keep it all in place. This is a very easy fun style for spring! Lauri was also treated to an eyebrow wax that really opened up the eye area for color cosmetics.

Daune (Dawn)DeVries provided Mary Kay’s Timewise Repair VoluFirm skincare for Lauri’s makeover. It can recapture a beautiful glow to the complexion. A beige foundation added to that affect. Lauri’s brown eyes were accented with shades of blue and brown. Lash Love Mascara lengthened and defined her gorgeous lashes. Sparkling cider cheek color brightened the cheeks. Pink sateen lip gloss was the perfect hint of color for the lips.

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