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2017 Mother & Daughter Look-A-Like Winners

How did you find out about the Mother Daughter Look-A-Like Contest?

I’ve always been a fan of the contest. Every year, our family is encouraged by friends to enter. The hardest part was deciding who should enter. Myself and Emily? My mom and myself? My sister and my mom? Ultimately we entered because Emily was the most excited about it. Left to right in the included photo is my mom, Linda Prokopowicz, myself, my sister Megan Heidner, and Emily.


Whose idea was it to enter the contest?

I nonchalantly told Emily about the contest, and she immediately suggested we should enter.


Tell us a little about yourselves.

I am a mother of two girls: Emily, who is 15, and Reagan, who is 2 years old. I am married to Kyle Saunders. I work part-time at a family business called Rotech Inc. in Mayville with my sister and my mom. You can imagine the customers’ trouble telling us apart! I also volunteer for Sandi Paws Rescue in Fond du Lac. I enjoy interior decorating and gardening. Emily is a freshman. She enjoys working with animals, and she volunteers as a horse handler at Free Spirit Riders in Fond du Lac which works with children and adults with disabilities using therapeutic horses.


Thank you to all those who entered the mother-daughter look-alike contest or judges who had a difficult time as always choosing the winners!

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